Digitising Lessons

Essential to excellent embroidery is skillful digitising. Here's where you learn how to handle powerful digitising programmes to create your own designs.

Our lessons are applicable to these digitising programmes:

Brother PE-Design 10 or 11

Hatch Embroidery

Trial Lesson


(deductible from subsequent lesson booking)

45 min

Introduction to Digitising

Native vs machine files

Auto vs manual digitising

Basic shape digitising

Basic shape editing

Software comparisons

Digitising Basics


2 sessions x 1h 15min

Image handling

Fixed Shape Digitising

Manual Object Digitising

Shape Editing

Colour Sequencing

Object Formatting and Parameters

Outline Handling

Keyboard Shortcuts




Free-flowing, depending on your learning agenda and requests.

Trial Lesson

For a taste of what to expect, guidance on which software to choose, or simply to assess if our lessons will be effective for you.
Perfect for new learners who have not yet purchased any digitising software, and would like to try before you buy!
Shepha Embroidery Digitising
Shepha Embroidery Digitising

Digitising Basics

Officially start your journey with a 2-session Digitising Basics package where you'll be equipped with all the skills necessary to create your own designs.

You'll also receive a complimentary user guide for your reference after lessons. Our goal is for you to become indepdent digitisers!


Further improve your digitising skills by booking hourly sessions with us to learn techniques such as appliqué, plan an embroidery project together, or review your past digitising and embroidery works.

Shepha Embroidery Digitising
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