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Clean, white-walled room with a sofa in the centre. An embroidered portrait sits atop the sofa.
An embroidered portrait of a wedding couple facing each other with heads lowered.

Your moment;
stitched in time

We've all heard the adage a stitch in time saves nine.

Our stitches don't save any. Instead, they preserve your favourite moment in time.


Rows of neat embroidery recreate the essence of - 

The thrill of your first date

The celebration of your wedding day

The warmth of a family reunion

Embroidered onto durable 16oz canvas and mounted onto classic box frames or contemporary open frames.

A strip of canvas fabric with four embroidered circles, each with a different shade of skin-brown.


  1. Fill up the request form via the link below

  2. Receive a quotation from us

  3. Be patient with us as we work on your portrait! Each portrait may take up to 3 weeks to fulfil

from $120

Couple Portrait 12
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