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Shepha Personalised Embroidered Towel

There's more than meets the (needle) eye

We approach machine embroidery with fresh intention - to elevate the craft through our attention to detail and appetite for creating.

Your requests are never just another job; they're opportunities for us to value-add to your personal gifting, enhance your brand's product line, or fulfil your project ideas.

Enter the intricate world of embroidery with us by engaging us today.

Shepha Embroidery Services

Bespoke machine embroidery services

Embroidered by Shepha

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My Sweet Scarlett Logo

Our collaboration with local artist Marina, whose nature-inspired artworks translates into timeless designs for both young and old

Plush towels and super soft pillowcases paired with simple, fuss-free embroidery - perfect for sprucing up your home!

Ponder & Bind Logo

We join hands with the team at Ponder & Bind to select two verses from the Bible. May these be a blessing to your recipients, your family, yourself.

Little Somi Logo

Exclusive prints, ultra soft minky, extra plush textures, and now, personalised embroidery to pamper your little ones!

Like Saturdays Logo

Luxuriously smooth silk pillowcases gets our tone-on-tone personalised treatment

Bells & Birds Logo

We couple our embroidery expertise with extra care and attention for Bells & Birds' exquisite range of silkwear