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That means to cease - from striving, from making ends meet, from the unconscious trappings of today's work rhythms.

Why now?

We've been around since 1991, but started off on a new path in 2018. This year marks the 7th year of this new journey, and it only seems fitting that we take a pause before continuing again.

What's the significance of the Sabbath?


It's the action to obey the command to rest (yes, we are all commanded to rest). It's our thank you to God for nurturing all the fruit that we bore over the past 6 years. It's our reminder to ourselves that we're not in control over everything (or sometimes anything at all).

Can I still get embroidery done?

We are still fulfilling orders via our brand partners. Scroll down to see which brands still carry our quality embroidery and from whom you can still purchase from.

Other custom embroidery works will be put on hold until we're back in full gear (est. Q4 2024).

Our Brand Partners


Align Swim

Timeless, wearable swimwear

Align Swim


Bells & Birds

Quality handmade lace & silk robes

Personalised Robes 1.png

Babies & Toddlers

Little Somi

Blankets and bundles with exclusive prints

Bundle - Elephant - Kyzer.png

Babies & Toddlers

Ted & Luna

Timeless, modern essentials for little ones

Ted & Luna



Icy cool sheets for better sleep



Like Saturdays

100% pure, luxurious silk


Apparel & Bedding

Silk Stories

Versatile, soft silk wearables

Silk Stories Eyemask



Great sleep through quality bedding

Sand Taupe 45 Degrees.jpeg

Stay tuned

Stay tuned with our occasional update via Instagram, or browse our Behance portfolio and be ready to share your ideas with us when we're back!

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