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Embroidery Supplies

We import a select range of embroidery thread and supplies by Gunold, Madeira and Natesh for sale in Singapore, so that you can enjoy the same quality materials that we use at friendly prices.

Whether you're a hobby embroiderer, small home-based business, or factory, we've got something for you.

Browse our range below, and contact us to purchase or enquire.

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Embroidery Threads

Gunold POLY 40 (Disney set)

Gunold POLY 40 (Disney 40-colour set)

1,000m cones of Gunold's classic polyester range in a specially curated set of 40 colours for the embroiderer embarking on Disney designs.

Madeira POLYNEON 40

Madeira POLYNEON 40 (2,500m)

Standard weight 100% polyester filament thread that are an excellent choice for standard embroidery projects. Available in black or white.

Gunold POLY 60

Gunold POLY 60 (1,500m)

A thinner version of Gunold's POLY embroidery thread, recommended for monograms and intricate embroidery designs. Designs with tiny details or small scripts of 3mm and up will yield better results with POLY 60.

Madeira CLASSIC 40

Madeira CLASSIC 40 (2,500m)

Madeira's world-renowned rayon viscose embroidery threads for a soft yet brilliant finishing. Available in a limited range of colours.

Gunold POLY 40 (Starter set)

Gunold POLY 40 (Starter 12-colour set)

A basic 12-colour set of Gunold's 1,000m polyester thread comprising of the home embroiderer's most commonly used colours.

Natesh POLY

Natesh POLY (3,000m)

High quality polyester embroidery thread developed in association with Gunold Germany. Excellent dyeing and finishing ensures smooth running at high speeds, colour fastness, and consistency.

Gunold SULKY 40

Gunold SULKY 40 (1,000m)

100% viscose thread that gives your embroidery a shiny, silky lustre. SULKY threads have high non-fade properties and colour fastness, and are environmentally friendly.


Natesh SIERRA (1,000m)

Rayon thread that embroiders out with a brighter sheen as compared to polyester variants, enhancing your embroidery finishing.

Embroidey Threads Anchor

Specialty Threads

Gunold SULKY Ombré

Gunold SULKY 40 Ombré (1,000m)

Ombré threads feature different gradations of the same hues gradually blended across the cone, producing beautiful colour when used at the right places.

Gunold METY 7/2

Gunold METY 7/2 (1,000m and 5,000m)

Achieve outstanding effects on your embroidery with METY 7/2, Gunold's 40 wt. metallic embroidery thread range available in gold and silver tones.


Gunold FILAINE (1,000m)

"Furry" embroidery thread made from acrylic wool, best for use in large fill areas or for furry textures. Decrease stitch density and reduce thread tension for best results!

Gunold GLOWY

Gunold GLOWY (1,000m)

Gunold's glow-in-the-dark (fluorescent) thread gives your designs visibility in the dark! Halloween, constellations, or cats eyes, anyone?

Gunold SULKY Multicolour

Gunold SULKY 40 Multicolour (1,000m)

Multicolour rayon thread dyed with an assortment of colours arranged at regular intervals. Use this on special projects to give your embroidery a unique twist.

Gunold METY 5/2

Gunold METY 5/2 (1,000m)

Thicker, 30 wt. metallic embroidery thread to jazz up your special projects that require shiny, metallic effects. Available in wider range of unique colours.

Gunold COTTY

Gunold COTTY 30 (500m)

100% cotton embroidery thread with a matte finish. Use on soft fabrics to create a natural, handcrafted look, or in designs that look better without the typical sheen from regular threads.

Specialty Threads

Bobbin Threads

Gunold Bobby White

Gunold BOBBY MAX (white, 15,000m)

Fine and smooth bobbin thread ensures your embroidery looks just as neat on the underside. Gunold's 100% polyester bobbin thread is strong, making it the ideal complement to your upper threads.

Gunold Bobby Black

Gunold BOBBY SYN (black, 10,000m)

Gunold's bobbin in black, suitable for use on dark fabrics or designs, where a white underthread is undesirable. Syn 130 bobbins have higher tensile strength.

Bobbin Threads

Backings, Stabilisers & Accessories



Self-adhesive, non-woven stabiliser that enables time and cost savings. Works best with pieces that are too small or large to be hooped - simply frame the FILMOPLAST and attach your material to the sticky side of the stabiliser. Also aids placement and enhances stitching results for stretch fabrics.

Gunold SOLVY

Gunold SOLVY

Water-soluble stabiliser for projects where the stabiliser must not be seen.

SOLVY 404 works best as a topping for embroidery on terrycloth, ensuring your stitches are "above the pile", while SOLVY 80 is heavier-duty and meant for hooping as a standalone stabiliser. Applications include embroidered patches and free-standing laces.



"Iron-on" material to affix your patches, emblems or small designs onto jackets, shirts and fabrics with ease. Designs can be permanently attached to your fabrics with a household iron or a heat press.

Gunold STIFFY (tear-away stabiliser)

Gunold STIFFY (Tear-away)

Stabilisers (nonwovens) provide stability to your designs and are easily removed after embroidery is completed. All our stabiliser options are suitable for hooping. A single layer is sufficient for regular embroidery, but multiple layers may be used for heavier materials or large and dense embroidery designs. 


Contact us for colour charts, thread recommendations or delivery arrangements

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